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Grozzbuy ensures quick and hassle-free delivery of all your products across India

Lowest Shipping Charges

28500+ Pincode Served

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Meesho Shipping & Delivery Charges

Grozzbuy offers the lowest shipping cost across all online platforms in India. We have tied up with multiple Logistics Partners who pick up the product from your location and deliver it straight to the customer.

With such low delivery charges, you can receive orders from all over India and focus more on selling your products online than handling the stress of shipping and logistics all by yourself.

How to Ship Your Orders in 3 simple steps

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Sit back and relax while Grozzbuy delivers your products safely and quickly. Customers love it when their products are packed well and delivered on time, and happy customer service means a higher number of returning customers and orders for you.

Shipping Timeline

The orders must be shipped within 2-3 days from the date of receiving the order within the agreed time provided by you (also known as Service Level Agreement or SLA). You can check the status of your order and the days left for dispatch on the Grozzbuy Supplier Panel.

Grozzbuy Return Policy

Grozzbuy gives you all the information you need to handle your returns, refund or manage your Returns to Origin. Get order and product data as well as detailed shipping tracking, payment and order history. Customers can return the product within 7 days from the date of delivery upon which a return shipping fee will be applicable.

Return Penalty

If a product returned by the customer to the origin was shipped within the SLA, no penalty is charged from the seller. For example, if the SLA is to ship within 2 days and if you had originally shipped within 2 days itself, then even if the customer returns the product, no penalty will be charged to the seller.

If the product is returned by the customer which was shipped beyond the SLA, a penalty has to be borne by the seller. The amount of penalty is calculated based on the category and weight of the product returned.

In case of returns, the product will be picked up by Grozzbuy’s logistics partner and returned safely to the pickup address.

Cancellation Policy on Grozzbuy

Return Penalty
In order to maintain a good customer experience for customers, it is important for you to ensure that the products you have listed on Grozzbuy are in stock and available to ship. 

However, we understand that there could be delays that are out of your control leading to late dispatch or order cancellation.

 In that case, Grozzbuy will not charge any penalty to you so you can continue to sell online without any tension

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