Millions of stray animals are suffering. We are in a mission to Save them.

Feeding animals
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How were your donations used?Each meal contains a combination of dry animal food (based on the animal being fed). rice, turmeric powder, and eggs - based on the nutritional requirement for the animal. Each meal costs us Rs 15.

Feeding animals

Feeding Animal is a Kolkata-based not registered NGO that has been working for the welfare of stray animals feeding. Two individual animal lovers Supritam Basu and Sandeep Hore have been running this mission since 2020. The main objective of our organization is to create a better world for the voiceless friends by spreading awareness among people so that people live in harmony with the less privileged ones and defend their rights. Our goal is to Feed animals who are subject to abuse by hunger. We provide them food and adequate care. We also work relentlessly for the adoption of those who are in need and give them a safe future. We started our mission within the small premises of our house only with a few resources. But with the passing of time and increasing demand for welfare activities, we feel the urgency to expand very soon with a bigger shelter cum rehabilitation center. We conduct regular feeding drives with the aim that one day there will be no animal going to sleep with a hungry tummy or without a roof above his/her head. Our Mission Is To Create A Better World For Animals · We end the needless suffering of animals · We influence decision-makers to put animals on the global agenda · We help the world see how important animals are to all of us · We inspire people to change animals’ lives for the better · We move the world to protect animals


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